New Edition for Website of Editorial Department of JXATU is Launched
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On January 23rd 2015, the new edition for the website of Editorial department of JXATU (http:// or http:// is launched officially.Viewed as web portal of JXATU, the website of Editorial department of JXATU will spread the propaganda of academic trends and provide services for users to submit and reviewing papers on line, inquiring and answering questions. The wed provides two sections: editorial department and submitting system. The section of editorial department includes the following contents like Introduction, Bulletin, News information, Publishing activities, Links, Editors and Contact us; while the section of submitting system offers the functions like Browse/Download, Essay search, Division of editors, Authors’Column, Instructions for authors, subscription and On-line answer.

Editorial department of JXATU will exert themselves to make its website more practical and creative with its great function, good services and attractive visual design. Through the orientation of society, authors/readers and demands, this website will become the platform to publicize the policies of JXATU, to serve the authors/readers/external reviewers and to develop effective editing job.  

In the near future, we will provide an English Version of the website in order to realize the internationalization of JXATU.

Eitor: Pan Qiucen

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