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  • The English websites of Journal of Xi'an Technological university is officially opened
  • In November, JXATU worked with CNKI so that every published paper here would applied for an international DOI code;
  • In May detaching from College of Postgraduates, Editorial Department of JXATU became an independent section.
  • JXATU officially started to be a monthly periodical with 14 issues published per year.
  • Meanwhile, JXATU started to be publicly issued abroad. JXATU has signed a contract with China International Book Trading Corporation and Shaanxi Post Corporation respectively so as to handle the subscription by Post Corporation.( Foreign issue code is BM8995, and domestic issue code is 52-261.)
  • On January 18th, JXATU has passed the assessment and been listed in the database of Index of Copurnicus in Poland, which represented a breakthrough for JXATU to enter into foreign database.
  • On March 18th, JXATU has been listed in the database of Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory in America.
  • On December 14th, Inquires from Consultative Department of International Retrieval System showed that there were 45 Materials Science and Engineering papers in JXATU which had been collected by Chemical Abstracts in America. Meanwhile, JXATU has regained CODEN code (CODEN XGDXB8);
  • Editorial Department of JXATU put forward an application to Shaanxi Education Department and Shaanxi Publication Bureau for the right to be a monthly published periodical.
  • Editorial department of JXATU started using AMLC to improve the quality of academic papers, prevent from and reject academic misconducts.
  • ON April 5th, Miss Lu Ping, Director of China Information Department of American Engineering Information Corporation (EI), was invited to come to our university. According to the characteristics of our discipline distribution, she made some rational suggestions for us about how to improve JXATU to be included in EI.
  • Editorial Department of JXATU started to collecting and editing papers by employing campus network;
  • Moreover, JXATU began to published Natural Science edition and Humanities and Social Science edition respectively. As per our specialty features, different columns have been established, such as optoelectronic engineering, mechatronic engineering & mechanics, materials & chemical engineering, electronic information & computer science and research bulletin etc.
  • Humanities and Social Science edition of JXATU was published.
  • The name was changed to be Journal of Xi’an Technological University.
  • Bimonthly published periodical.
  • In March, Journal of Xi’an Institute of Technology was affirmed as “Core Periodical of China Science and Technology”by Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
  • Editorial department of JXIT has applied to Shaanxi Education Department and Shaanxi Publication Bureau for the right to be a bimonthly published periodical.
  • From November 2004 to March 2005, Editorial department of JXIT was responsible for solicit contributions, edition and publication of Annual Conference Proceedings of Shaanxi Association of Science and Technology ( The proceedings collected about 288 papers with over 1,690,000 words.)