(西安工业大学 材料与化工学院,西安 710021

激光选区熔化; SiCp/AlSi10Mg; 力学性能; 微观组织

Research on Microstructures and Properties of SiCp/AlSi10Mg Composites by Selective Laser Melting
TAI Heli,JIAN Zengyun

(School of Materials and Chemical Engineering,Xi'an Technological University,Xi'an 710021,China)

selective laser melting; SiCp/AlSi10Mg; mechanical property; microstructure

DOI: 10.16185/


为研究激光选区熔化(SLM)成形工艺参数(激光功率和扫描速度)对SiCp/AlSi10Mg致密度和机械性能的影响规律,通过对SiCp/AlSi10Mg复合材料进行SLM成形,采用光学显微镜和扫描电子显微镜观察SiCp/AlSi10Mg复合材料显微组织及形貌,采用阿基米德排水法测试其致密度,同时对成形件的显微硬度进行分析。研究结果表明:所制备试样中SiC增强颗粒分布较为均匀,并与基体结合紧密。获得的SiCp/AlSi10Mg成形件最高致密度可达到96.54%,其SLM的表面硬度远高于铸件标准; 激光功率作为影响材料微观组织及力学性能的因素之一,决定了能量密度(η)的大小,当η达到48 J·mm-3 时,成形试样的显微硬度平均值为240.06 HV。研究为SLM成形SiCp/AlSi10Mg复合材料在航天和空间领域的应用提供了理论基础和实验依据。

The paper discusses the effect of the selective laser melting(SLM)forming process parameters(laser power and scanning speed)on the density and mechanical properties of SiCp/AlSi10Mg.SiCp/AlSi10Mg composites were formed by using SLM forming technology.The microstructure and morphology of the formed SiCp/AlSi10Mg composites were observed with an optical microscope and scanning electron microscope,and their density was measured by Archimedes drainage method with their microhardness analyzed.The results show that the SiC particles in the samples are more evenly distributed and closely bonded to the matrix.The highest density obtained reaches 96.54%,and the surface hardness is much higher than that of the standard casting.Laser power,one of the factors which influence the microstructure and mechanical properties of materials,determines the value of the energy density(η).When η reaches 48 J·mm-3,the average microhardness of the formed samples is 240.06 HV.This study provides a theoretical and experimental basis for the applications of SLM-formed SiCp/AlSi10Mg composites in aerospace and space.